Am I Pregnant?

Want to find out if you’re pregnant?   Schedule an appointment for free pregnancy testing at one of our 2 locations.

find out if you are pregnant

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy usually include:

  • No menstrual period (or it becomes light)
  • Nausea or queasiness (known as ‘morning sickness’)
  • Tiredness or headaches
  • Swollen, tender breasts
  • Frequently having to urinate
  • Mood swings or changes in appetite

You may experience some or all of these symptoms. It is important to confirm whether or not you are pregnant. Contact us to schedule an appointment for free pregnancy testing and to speak with a client advocate.

When you come in, you will meet with an advocate and fill out intake forms.  We will ask questions to see how we can help you.  Our registered nurses can offer pregnancy confirmation as well.

What Others Are Saying...

"I really felt comfortable
talking about different options
and what I was experiencing."

"They were very kind and
understanding. I asked a million
questions. They were so patient."

"Excellent services!
The nurse is fantastic!
I didn't want to leave her office"

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